Tjarda is a proud member and Movement Director of HIPSICK UNUSUAL THEATRE.

Nadîja & Tjarda crossed paths in 2007 and have been inspiring each other ever since. Both having their own discipline they started to work together within HipSick Unusual Theatre to combine their skills. Nadîja is the founder and creative director of HipSick Unusual Theatre and has been studying her own personal mix of performance skills by attending various different courses such as mime & physical theatre, movement expression and clowning to create her own uncommon style of performance art & visual theatre. Tjarda has been a globetrotting self-employed world fusion dancer and teacher for years and is the creative director of The Uzumé Dance Company and The Amano Project. She has a background in many genres of dance & movement expression with a main focus on modern for the last years to fuse into her dance with her natural creativity. Tjarda is a Certified Movement Analyst in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York.

HipSick Unusual Theatre has been performing at many events with their own shows and are a well sought after group for special themed performances. In 2012 HipSick was spotted and picked up by renowned street theatre professionals at Chalon de la Rue (FR), which gave them an extra boost for the future. Their most recent work can be seen this summer at Festival Spoffin (NL) and at.tension (DE). HipSick Unusual Theatre combines performers with a variety of disciplines. Their shows are built of the performers’ expression, lighting and the exceptional contemporary music. The settings are powerful in their simplicity.

HipSick Unusual Theatre produces various performances. The group has the capability and the experience to perform in a wide array of settings. Doing so they have never left a crowd un-amazed and struck awe at the show they just witnessed. Be it at a party, in the streets, at an opening or in a more formal theatre setting. Performances are created on the basis of HipSick Unusual Theatre skills – the ability to let the audience go home with a long lasting emotion, which will not be easily forgotten. The shows are eccentric, dreamy, but most of all create a profound atmosphere.

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