Dance and / or Choreography Coaching:

I have been coaching movers and dancers for over 13 years. My dancing is well-known for my innovative and meaningful choreographies and creative movement vocabulary. I am looking forward to working with you!

In our sessions we will work on and with:
– Creativity: useful tips & tools for your choreography
– Storytelling: what stories ly within you and want to be told
– Expression and embodiment
– Laban Movement Analysis as a framework

Prices: €85 per session

How it works:
– We need a minimum of 3 sessions together to see the progress.
– You let me know about your wants and needs for this coaching.
– You send in your videos (rehearsal or stage performance).
– You get feedback and homework from me (written or live via zoom).

If you feel you or your group can benefit from my experience, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Body Oriented (Integrated) Psychotherapy:

After working with clients that suffer from burnout or chronic fatigue syndrome for over a year, she decided to broaden her coaching to a wider range and continued her study to become a Body Oriented (Integrated) Psychotherapist.

For more information about Body Oriented (Integrated) Psychotherapy, see


“Thanks a lot for what you made for me! You’re a wonderful dancer, an incredible teacher and a beautiful lady! I’m looking forward to working with you more!!”

“It was so useful to me; it gave me loads of freedom and made me feel really comfortable using my own movement and ideas. I choreographed something as soon as I got home, which I never would have done otherwise, and ended up doing my first tribal performance not long after that. Yay! So thanks.”

”Thank you so much for sharing your vision. I totally fell in love with your routine, it goes right to my heart. I was just submerged by the strength of emotions in your dance. Bravo! I want mooore!!”

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