Tjarda is a Certified Integrated Coach and Movement Analyst in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System and continues her studies to become a Body (Integrated) Psychotherapist at the BodyMind Institute in Rotterdam. Tjarda has been coaching movers and dancers for over 8 years and after working with clients that are in a burnout or suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome for over a year, she decided to broaden her coaching to a wider range.

More information about Tjarda’s offerings in Body (Integrated) Psychotherapy:

Why coaching or therapy?:

– Do you want to feel better in your body?
– In search for a better balance between life and work?
– Recover from or prevent a burnout?
– Do you want a better relationship with yourself?
– Do you want a better relationship with someone else? (friends, family, colleagues, etc)
– Do you want to know what you really want?
– Live without or with less fear?
– etc…

If you feel like you need some help to take a look at your life and move into a new direction, don’t hesitate to contact Tjarda for an intake. During all sessions we will use different methods for body and mind to help you get you back on track.

Aside from her weekly classes, Tjarda has been teaching workshops and intensives throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. She is also available for more specified training like coaching for choreography or technique and private classes. Tjarda is a Certified Movement Analyst in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System and uses this as a clear framework for teaching form and quality of movement. Please check below if her experience can benefit either you or your group.


“Thanks a lot for what you made for me! You’re a wonderful dancer, an incredible teacher and a beautiful lady! I’m looking forward to working with you more!!”

“It was so useful to me; it gave me loads of freedom and made me feel really comfortable using my own movement and ideas. I choreographed something as soon as I got home, which I never would have done otherwise, and ended up doing my first tribal performance not long after that. Yay! So thanks.”

”Thank you so much for sharing your vision. I totally fell in love with your routine, it goes right to my heart. I was just submerged by the strength of emotions in your dance. Bravo! I want mooore!!”


If you feel you need extra attention before an important performance or there are specific recurring troubles that can be solved with some extra one on one attention, a private class with Tjarda may be exactly what you need to bring out the best.


When a work-in-progress gets stuck, whether solo or in a group, it can be helpful to get outside experience. Or even when a choreography is fully formed, some tweaking with Tjarda might be just what you need to give the performance that magical edge. A little extra inspiration, an outside pair of impartial eyes or just some plain old reassurance will do wonders on stage!


Are you getting the best out of yourself or your group? Working alone or with the same people all the time may create blind spots to all the possibilities both out there and within. With useful feedback on your style, posture and technique, Tjarda can help you find wider physical possibilities, a deeper consciousness of your body, a clearer picture of the dynamics within your group of individual dancers. Get in touch and see what Tjarda can do for you in terms of progress, development and strengthening presentation in a close and personal setting. With her eye for possibilities a little can go a very long way.

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