“Tjarda, aside from being an inspiring choreographer and beautiful dancer, she has this amazing way of making everyone around her feel special. She is funny, kind and down to earth.”

Tjarda is a thoughtful and genuine coach, choreographer, dance & movement instructor. She is a Certified Body Oriented Therapist and a Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CMA) and uses this knowledge as a clear framework in her teachings and coaching, making her a welcome guest throughout Europe, Russia, USA and Asia. Tjarda is well-known for her innovative and meaningful choreographies and creative movement vocabulary. Both her teaching and her choreographies have inspired peers and audiences around the globe and her work triggers many in finding their own path. Tjarda regularly gives individual and group coaching sessions to help dancers and movers develop growth.

Tjarda holds certifications for teaching dance, yoga, mobility, dance and body psychotherapy and still studies continuously to broaden her education. Tjarda is the inventive force behind award-winning troupe The Uzumé Dance Company and The Amano Project and she often teamed up with other dancers in the business such as Anasma, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emanuel, Ariellah, Unmata and more.


Tjarda is the producer of “Worlddance Con Fusion”, “Beyond Bellydance” and “Infusion Rendezvous”. In 2006 The Uzumé Dance Company wins the Global Open Stage Contest by RASA & Zimihc and tours several theatres in Holland and in 2007 they win first prize for Best Dance Company – Cross Over Choreography hosted by the LiteSide Festival in Holland. Tjarda receives a nomination by The National Institute of the Voluntary Arts for Most Promising Upcoming Choreographer with Exquisite Skills in 2008 and in the same year she also obtains a grant from the Performing Arts Fund NL for talented dancers to study in the US for 6 months. In 2009 she featured on Tales of Desire 2, a performance DVD produced by the Hollywood Music Center with the most influential tribal dancers of today. Her 20 minute cross-over show “LIGHTS” from 2010 got supported with a grant from AFK and the LiteSide Festival for talented upcoming choreographers. Tjarda has been an honorary member of US-based troupe UNMATA for 5 years. Together with colleague Hilde Cannoodt, Tjarda created a 20 minute piece “Movement for Humanity” for the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Rwanda in 2016. Her choreography for HipSick’s short performance “APORIA” was chosen as on of the winners of the LISFE Art Competition 2016. Tjarda was a proud member and Movement Director of HipSick Unusual Theatre from 2007 till 2019.

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