The Amano Project is a contemporary fusion bellydance initiative under the direction of Tjarda van Straten. An everchanging mix of professional and advanced dancers.

2017: In Solitude We Meet

“In Solitude We Meet” is The Amano Project’s latest choreography and will be showcased at Fusion Breeze III, Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival and Caravana Hafla.
Dancers: Jolien Geerlings, Esther van Aalst, Annelies Jansen en Tjarda van Straten.

2016 – 2017: Subjective Metempsychosis

In the second half of 2016 The Amano Project created their piece “Subjective Metempsychosis” which was showcased at the Shimmy Shake Festival, Fusion Freeze II and D&DJ Podium.
Dancers: Jolien Geerlings, Annelies Jansen, Esther van Aalst, Tjarda van Straten.

2016: Inevitable Flow

In the first half of 2016 The Amano Project will perform their new choreography “Inevitable Flow” at Fusion Breeze in Gent on Sunday May 22nd and on Wednesday June 1st at Lux in Nijmegen.
Dancers: Jolien Geerlings, Joseline den Hoed, Esther van Aalst, Stefanie van der Zwaal, Tjarda van Straten.

2015: The return of THE AMANO PROJECT! “Mind Your Head”

2015 Is the year where Tjarda will bring back “The Amano Project” to life after a few years of silence due to her busy traveling schedule. They will perform their new choreography “Mind Your Head” at the Shimmy Shake Festival in Rotterdam (NL) in November and Fusion Freeze in Ghent (BE) in December.
Dancers: Stefanie van der Zwaal, Jolien Geerlings, Esther van Aalst, Joseline den Hoed, Vleer Echevarria and Tjarda van Straten.

The Amano Project – dancers from 2010 till now:

Annelies Jansen, Stefanie van der Zwaal, Vleer Echevarria, Jolien Geerlings, Joseline den Hoed, Esther van Aalst, Fieke Dieleman, Tamara Juel (USA) of Foxglove Sweethearts and Zafira Dance Company, Minka Kerkhoven of Minx and former dancer of The Uzumé and Matthias Lauwers (B) – director of Ezrah, Hester Boelens, Elles Maaskant & Nina Riddering of Tribal Mystica, Joyce Benschop.

“To be a part of a team is to see beyond yourself. It takes the willingness to extend a hand without being asked, to open one’s ears when others speak, to humbly offer energy and effort to a mutual cause, not for personal glory but to create something more beautiful and meaningful than individual interests. There is magic in working together!” – Quote by UNMATA’s Streetteam

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